Why You Should Be Drinking Collagen Everyday

Drinking Collagen Everyday? – in this article, I’m gonna be telling you all about drinking collagen powdered. I’m gonna be telling you all about how this helps you have amazing skin it helps you have incredible hair growth and beautiful nails.

So if you follow me, you already know the deal I am so hooked on this we’re gonna break everything down today about the collagen. What it is, why you should drink it, what to expect etc.

So what is collagen when most of us here collagen we think of skin, we think of wrinkles, do you think of anti-aging collagen is something you want in your skin to keep it looking young, plump and fresh.

collagen powdered

What we are specifically talking about today is pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides, so what this does is it delivers proteins amino acids all this good stuff that is going to help you from the inside out.

I really wanted to give it a go before I featured it in the article so I used this for a couple of months before I even write this article.

I knew this is something I wanted to try, coz I had heard so much about it and seen so much about it on social media and let me tell you it was nothing short of life-changing.

If you saw me on Instagram you already know this so what can you expect this is a colorless, flavorless, odorless powder. So it’s white it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t taste like anything.

I’m reading this off the bottle for you so this is paleo friendly, it is made from grass-fed pasture raised animals and it is also gluten-free, so clearly, this is not vegan. If you are vegan this is not something you’d want to try in your diet but if you are not going for it.

It is gut-friendly dairy free and it’s basically just amazing so we naturally have collagen in our bodies and our skin all of that over time as we age it breaks down. It disintegrates we have less and less of it, so by ingesting collagen you’re gonna be getting more of it back in your body and kind of holding off the aging process of your hair skin nails joints ligaments tendons all that stuff.

Drinking Collagen - Workout

Drinking Collagen  – Repairing the Muscle After a Workout

When I first started sharing this I got a lot of feedback from a lot of people I had people tell me they use it as workout recovery because of the protein and the amino acids it was really good for repairing the muscle after a workout. I had people who swore by it for their skin I had people who told me that it made their hair and nails go like crazy and I did a little bit more research even beyond that because I wanted to be really informed before I came on here.

I actually found a video and I’ll link it down below if I can find it but it was from a doctor on YouTube that researches different trends and skin and body things that are big in the industry right now and she did a whole video about collagen and basically she found a couple different studies that were done and in a lot of the studies people were given either the collagen peptides or a placebo.

If you don’t know what a placebo is basically they were given like a fake supplement, so half the people how to fake supplement, half the people like collagen in the studies they did find the people who had collagen head plumper skin noticeably more hydrated skin which if you know anything about wrinkles hydration and plumped skin will diminish the look of wrinkles so much and help your skin look young dewy and youthful.

I heard all that I knew that what I was seeing other people were seeing and other people were getting the same results of me and they are incredible it is said that it takes at least 30 days to see results with this product with consistent use.

And I can honestly say that after about a month or a month and a half was when people first started stopping me and asking me how my hair got so long and how my hair looked so good that was the first thing.

I honestly noticed from taking these people was literally stopping me and like holy crap how did your hair get so long and thick my hair is really long but I noticed an incredible difference in my hair.

I had to touch up my hair color sooner and then I also noticed on my nails that I needed a fill sooner, for my nails obviously these are not my real nails but I had to go get a fill even sooner because they were growing so fast.

I can honestly also say with 100% confidence that incorporating this in with my regular anti-aging skin care routine and all the products I’m already using I have seen a drastic difference in my skin, it does just look a lot more plump hydrated.

Drinking Collagen – Skin Looks Youthful

I’ve also just realized my skin just looks really youthful and dewy and smooth people have complimented me on my skin lately and I honestly can say with confidence that I know this has a lot to do with it disclaimers.

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a medical professional at all I’m not telling you to go out and buy this but I can tell you that everyone, I’ve told to go out and buy this is obsessed with it and loves it obviously if you are pregnant nursing anything like that console was a doctor before doing anything like this because we would hate to endanger anyone by the con some of anything like this.

If you are nursing or pregnant so check that out first so like I mentioned earlier if you follow me on Instagram you know I have my collagen in my coffee every morning.

Drinking Collagen Youthful

I literally first thing in the morning let out my dog I make my coffee and I put at least half a scoop in my coffee in the morning that way I know.

I’m having it every morning it dissolves it doesn’t add any flavor any color anything you wouldn’t even know it was honestly in there unless you knew you just put it him but I drink this in my coffee every morning to make sure I get it in regularly.

So I’m constantly getting that collagen back in my body and then on days if I’m having a smoothie or a shake or something later sometimes even tea, sometimes it all makes the extra half scoop into there just kind of spaced out throughout the day but whatever works for you to get the collagen into your diet on a daily basis go for it.

I have found that the coffee is perfect for me because I have it every morning.

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There are a ton of different collagen powders out there, I hope this article taught you a little bit and helped you understand why you should be drinking collagen every day and kind of give you a little bit more information and understanding about the benefits of drinking collagen, but definitely check this stuff out you will love it you will be obsessed just as much as I am.

I can promise you that thank you so much for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it make sure to share this article with your friends, leave me some comments down below let me know what you think about the collagen have you drank it, are you ordering it, do you already love collagen this is already part of your diet? let me know what you’re thinking.

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