Acne Skincare Morning Routine for Oily Skin

This is going to be my updated full detailed acne skincare morning routine.

I’m going to be telling you all of the products that I’ve been using on my skin.

I want to tell you a few things about my skin care in general.

I had acne that was covering my entire face; it was horrible. For me right now, my skin is not completely clear or wholly perfect or anything like that.

But it has come a long way since then, and I’m not a person who’s expecting to have 100% perfect skin.

Because I have sensitive skin so this is just my skincare routine.

Right now that keeps my skin a pretty clear but still treating a lot of acne scarring process and still working.

Acne Skincare Morning Routine

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It’s not just about the products that I put on my skin; it’s also about my lifestyle, in general, a lot of extra things in my life do affect my skin.

If you are struggling with acne, I encourage you to look into your lifestyle in general.

Whether it be your diet, your water intake, your stress levels, the hormone levels that you’re taking birth control.

Different types of birth control can have different effects on acne.

When I was taking birth control, I did help clear out my skin. I’ve also stopped eating as much dairy which helps with my skin and tries to drink more water which also helps.

So it’s not just about the products that you use on your face, it’s not really like a Holy Grail product that clears my skin it’s a combination everything that I do in my life and then also trying to stick to these acne skincare morning routine as much as possible.

I will talk a lot about the ingredients that are in the products themselves.

I get a lot of questions, why I don’t use a specific brand anymore, and indeed it’s like all the same ingredients.

So even though I might not use a serving specific brand of a product anymore, probably I’m using a very similar product because it has all of the same ingredients.

Don’t get too caught up in brand names when you’re looking at acne products just pay attention to the ingredients on the back of the bottle.

Remember, this is just my personal acne skincare morning routine.

Everybody’s skin is different, but this is just what I’m doing what works for me right now.

Let’s just get into the acne skincare morning routine.

Acne Skincare Morning Routine - Daily Scrub

Acne Skincare Morning Routine – Daily Scrub

I’m going to basically, the main thing that I start off with is this face wash, deep clean extended last shine control daily scrub.

This product has rice protein in it which kind of leaves this sort of like a residue on your skin which absorbs oil for a few more hours after you use.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that a control shine for eight hours like the package says, but after you wash your face with this product, if you don’t put anything else on your face, it will absorb the oil on your skin and keep you from looking oily for a while.

so that’s good for someone like me who has oily skin.

Use warm water when washing your face, I like to let it a little bit and would be doing this in the shower.

I like to work this into my skin though. I’m getting full use out of the exfoliation sandy Beatty texture of it.

I like to exfoliate around my nose, my t-zone, problem areas and I take a few minutes to sit there and scrub it in to make sure I’m doing a thorough job.

Make sure that skin is completely clean even after washed it in the shower.

Acne Skincare Morning Routine - Use Toner

Acne Skincare Morning Routine – Use Toner

I do like to use toners or astringent or, this product to clean off your skin thoroughly and you know to restore the pH balance and get you a right to apply products and stuff.

The astringent is more of actual acne treatment; this is basically clean off your skin entirely. It has alcohol and you know ingredient to it it has salicylic acid in it as well.

So this is basically like thoroughly cleaning off your skin with alcohol basically, and it is pretty drying, but when you have a lot of breakouts, you are going to be trying to wipe them.

Today, since I have a few breakouts, I want to treat my acne.

Use the stronger one which is the actual astringent by Neutrogena and use a cotton pad.

I like to use large cotton pads you can get them from Target.

This cotton pads twice as big as the regular ones, so they actually can clean your whole face fast.

Take some of the astringent, pour it on kind of soak down the cotton pad and then wipe across my face gently.

Whenever you’re making any wiping motions on your face, you want to wipe up and out

You don’t want to be dragging your skin down and being harsh with it because that can cause extra wrinkles.

The astringent like an acne treatment but this is a spot treatment.

Acne Skincare Morning Routine - Moisturizer with Benzoyl Peroxide

Acne Skincare Morning Routine – Moisturizer with Benzoyl Peroxide

It is a treatment where they give you a cleaner, then give you a benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, and they give you a moisturizer.

I was using it for a very long time in the past when my acne was horrible and it does work.

The reason why it works because of the benzoyl peroxide that is one of the main ingredients that does anything in that whole system.

You can find benzoyl peroxide products any and everywhere.

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Favorite product by Neutrogena it is called the rapid clear stubborn acne spot gel.

This product is a maximum strength, and it has benzoyl peroxide, it has 10% that’s a lot.

I always have problems around my nose and lip region, so I like to put it on those spots and rub it in.

Now it’s time to moisturize, so after you’ve applied all these acne treatments, your skin is going to be feeling dry.

Always moisturize, especially if you’re going to be putting makeup. You cannot put on a good face of makeup on dry skin you need a moisturizing skin to have smooth makeup application.

In the past used different moisturizers like oil-free matte moisturizers because although I want my skin to be moisturized.

Acne Skincare Morning Routine - Tea Tree Oil

Acne Skincare Morning Routine – Skin Oil

I don’t want to be extra oily because I have oily skin.

This is something that is like a lotion. It will moisturize your skin, but it leaves like a matte finish.

It doesn’t leave you a shiny, oily finish. I do really like this Dermalogica Moisturizer.

This is the Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream with sunscreen. The main reason why I use this because it does leave a beautiful matte finish.

It’s not super oily it also smells delicious and it also has SPF 30 so if it’s a day where I’m not going to be wearing makeup or putting any additional layer of anything on my skin I’ll probably use this one.

If I’m going out in the Sun, I want to have sun protection not just to prevent skin cancer on all of those obvious things, but if I go out in the Sun without any protection on my skin, the Sun is going to make my acne scars darker and worse.

Many different oils from many different plants and they’re all going to say it’s good for your skin.

Good for your skin for this or that a lot of them are good for your hair too so I do have a lot of different oils but Vitamin E and Olive oil are kind of like my favorites right now.

Vitamin E oil is something that you will see a lot of use for acne scars; it’s supposed to soften your skin, replenish your skin.

Tea tree oil is something that you will see people talk about for acne itself.

This is not a moisturizing oil, it is more of drying oil, but tea tree oil is perfect for treating acne, dry out acne, prevent breakouts, heal breakouts everything with acne.

I’m going to drop a few drops maybe four or five drops into my hands, and then I’m going to add a reduction of the pure just vitamin E oil and then mix in the tea tree oil.

I mix all that on my hands, and I will apply this to my skin.

I have sensitive skin and then when I first put these oils on it does look oily, but it does absorb over time, You give it like 10 to 15 minutes.

All moisturized that’s pretty much it for starting my day for my morning routine.