Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin – I like to use more like natural products for my skincare. I feel like I put way too many chemicals into my skin through my makeup.

I like to keep the skincare part very natural, so if you’re like me and when I have like sort of a break from the hard chemicals that you can put into your skin, this is an article for you.

If you have sensitive skin, this is perfect. Because this range of products is fantastic and so gentle on the skin.

Then I also do have a tutorial for you for this makeup look which is a very sort like peachy everyday glowy look perfect the spring.

Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Thermal Spring Water – Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

To start off my skincare routine, I am just spraying my face all over with the event thermal spring water which feels incredible.

I like to use a few times throughout my routine as it just gives the most soothing and refreshing feel to the skin.

And what I love best is it’s completely natural.

Cleansing Lotion – Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Now to cleanse my skin I’m going in with the tolerant extreme cleansing lotion.

Yes, that’s right, it’s a lotion.

So instead of lathering up like a slope it instead gently removes impurities as you massage it into the skin and then wipe them away with a damp cotton pad.

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What makes these products so great for sensitive skin is that they actually each contain no more than eight ingredients.

Which makes them the safest on the market. As they are the only products available now that containing entirely no preservatives or preservative Lac ingredients.

Then I’m just adding another little spritz of thermal water because it feels so good.

Emulsion – Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Next up I’m going to moisturize my skin using tolerance extreme emulsion.

Mascara for Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Just rubbing it in gentle circular motions to help it absorb into the skin.

Once again this baby doesn’t include any of the nasties like parabens preservatives alcohol or fragrance which is what makes it so perfect if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Also just letting you know that these production at chemists warehouse and even in leading pharmacies nationwide so they are so super easy to find.

Cream – Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

And then finally to finish it off I have quite dry skin, so I am going to go in with the tolerant extreme cream.

Which has a much creamier texture to the emulsion and we’ll add that little bit of extra moisture that my skin is always craving.

So both the emulsion and cream make for amazing makeup bases as they don’t clog your pores and don’t leave greasy finishes on the skin.

Which is why I usually don’t use primers for my everyday makeup looks.

I prefer to use my skincare routine as a makeup base which is what I’m going to do right now.

Foundation – Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Moving on to makeup now. I am just jumping straight in with this cushion foundation by L’Oreal.

I have loved this foundation lately, and I think that this may be my third tub so that means that it must be good considering how big my collection of the foundation.

Next taking a little bit foundation to brighten the central areas of my face and hide any lingering dark circles and then I’m going to blend all of that in with my finger.

Never underestimate the warmth of your fingertips for melting a concealer into your face, it works so amazingly.

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And then to keep my makeup in place, I am just lightly patting a coat of translucent powder over the face areas, as well as on any spots that I tend to get oily throughout the day.

next, I’m taking my Urban Decay Naked flushed palette and a fluffy brush to add a slight warmth and contour to the outer regions of my face and cheekbones.

Making me look a lot more alive and healthy.

Lipstick for Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

For highlighter, I’m taking one of my Holy Grail products MAC soft and gentle.

Just lightly placing it all on the high points of my face.

Now it’s time for brows, and I am just quickly taking pencil by benefit to adding a little bit more shape to them and as you can probably see brow pencils are pretty much a necessity in my life because my brows don’t exist.

Mascara – Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

For mascara, I am taking my current favorite the outrageous curl from Sephora.

This mascara is thickening and lengthening which I am obsessing over at the moment.

I am also only going to use this product on the top lashes as I think it gives a much more beautiful effect for every day if you don’t have the full on top and bottom.

And finally the lips I’m just going in with this gorgeous peachy shade by NAS.