How to Make DIY Vitamin C Serum Easy and Cheap

Today, I will show you how easy to Make DIY Vitamin C Serum. I’ve been making my DIY Vitamin C Serum with vitamin E [3] and I’m so happy with the result it’s so cheap and now I’m using more of it because it’s so cheap, so I don’t feel like reserving it or using just a tiny little bit.

So I’m going to show you how I do this and I’m going to start with some L-ascorbic acid [1], it comes in a powder form or even a refined powder form but I grind mine in a coffee bean grinder.

L-ascorbic acid

Just to make it faster to dissolve and you can’t use vitamin C like you would take it as a supplement you have to use this L-ascorbic acid.

How you use it? it all depends on what concentration you want. Now I’ve been making a 20% solution which can sting a little bit by than buying and using a 20% solution,which has its tongue as much so if you’re new to vitamin C serum.

I love it it’s made a big difference in my skin but it can be expensive over time.

So you might want to make it and a lesser concentration so I also have a table about DIY Vitamin C Serum recipe and I’m going to show on the image below.

L-ascorbic acid tabel for Vitamin C Serum

It has to do with the combination of that and base. What is base well it can be just water like a pure distilled water but that would be kind of liquidy. So I mix mine between water and vegetable glycerin [2]. If you don’t care for glycerin or you can’t find it you can get it from Amazon or you can sometimes get it from places like Whole Foods or drugstores, might even have small bottles of it this is a huge bottle you don’t need something this big.

vegetable glycerin

But there are other things that you can use, as well some people have used aloe gel that’s for the skin some people have used chafing tapping gels like monistat type tapping gels to mix it into something to make it a little thicker and I also use some vitamin E oil this I bought at Amazon.

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Just make sure it’s a nice boil and these were mixed in these little bottles were mixed in with the regular supplements.

Now I saved a bottle from another bottle of vitamin C serum I have and you want something that’s not clear needs to either be brown or blue some kind of color glass or a completely opaque container and I had purchased some blue bottles from Whole Foods a couple years ago but I don’t like how the I don’t like how the droppers works on them as much as this little bottle.

DIY Vitamin C Serum Step by Step

So next I’m going to show you what I do so I start with pouring some distilled water into a bowl and then I have a separate little Bowl where I’m going to put these four big acid powder, but like I said before I do put it through a coffee brain grinder that I don’t use for coffee beans it’s very clean and that it’s all refined it’s a much more refined powder

Then I’m actually going to do the 20% but I’m going to double it.

All right so I’ve got my refined ascorbic acid powder and like I said I’m going to double the 20% recipe so I’m going to put in

  • a half a teaspoon of the ascorbic acid and now I’m going to be doing you know four to one ratio to get the 20% so if I’m doing a half a teaspoon of the ascorbic acid for 20 percent concentration.

  • I’m going to need 2 teaspoons of base, so instead of doing 2 teaspoons of water I’m going to do 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of water and stir that up and later I’ll put in the later output, it’s closer in, I’m going to stir this until the crystals dissolve completely it might take a little while but that’s okay you can leave it and come back and then when it’s dissolved.

  • I add a half a teaspoon of the vegetable glycerin, stir that up now I would pour that into the little bottle using my mini funnel but I’m not good at pouring. it’d be like me to pour it out a little Bowl and then it just drips on the side of the bowl and onto the counter.

DIY Vitamin C Serum

  • First I pour which is the ball into a little pitcher then I get my little mini funnel and I pour it into the bottle and the last thing I do is put a few drops of the vitamin E oil into the bottle, put the lid on and shake it up.

This will last a week this is not stable at all if you want to keep DIY Vitamin C Serum in the refrigerator you can’t I don’t I just keep this in my medicine cabinet in the bathroom but I put it all over my face except I don’t do my eye lids but everywhere else I put it on my face.

I skip my lips but I do it around my lips and I put it on my neck and my chest and the backs of my hands, remember when we were kids I know if you remember this but we used to say especially for those of us who in freckled faces.

Article about Vitamin C Serum for Brithening Skin Face

If you put lemon juice on your face it’ll take the freckles away well who’s going to do that you know you do it once or twice then you realize there’s some sugars in lemon juice that get all sticky but this can do it as well because it’s it’s the vitamin C inside of it that’s taken away some of those spots over time, but it gives my skin a glow over time.

I wouldn’t be without it I put it on twice a day now, because I just really enjoy it so I hope you enjoy this article of showing where you can get that this DIY Vitamin C Serum for under $20 that’s how cheap it was.